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The set includes:

  • 1x tin of Osietra sturgeon caviar 3,53 oz | 100 g
  • 1x tin of Sturgeon Caviar AMUR ROYAL 3,53 oz | 100g
  • 1x tin of Osietra sturgeon caviar 1,76 oz | 50 g
  • 1x tin of Sturgeon Caviar AMUR ROYAL 1,76 oz | 50 g

Amazing taste, very soft grain and large caviar. Incredible pleasure guaranteed.

  • AMUR ROYAL Caviar
  • Siberian Sturgeon Caviar
  • Osietra Caviar

Delicate taste caviar melts in your mouth and has a delicate scent of the sea.

  • Chum Salmon Caviar
  • Pink Salmon Caviar
  • Coho Caviar

About Lemberg

“Our aim is to make prices on caviar products affordable to all…”
Ruslan Volny
General director

Through the years Lemberg Caviar House had won it’s customers trust by providing stable, supreme quality caviar products. On-site processing and production, fully-automated canning process, sanitarily sterile factory sections, refrigerating equipment, exclusive business partnership with major solidly-established Canadian and US suppliers, all of the afore cited factors taken together serve to guarantee stable and best quality Lemberg caviar products. Our permanent and obligatory operational feature is thorough product quality control at all stages of production.

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